Development & Art by Phil Gosch


XMas-Machine is a small local multiplayer co-op game developed during the Second Open GameJam at Graz Technical University.

All developed within 24h (friday evening until saturday evening) from topic announcement (“Last Christmas”) to final presentation. Technologies used were Unity, Cinema4D, Photoshop and BFXR.

Team: Phil Gosch (Development), Johanna Pirker (Development), Johannes Salvenmoser (Art), Markus Bernsteiner (Art)


The game is about the Christmas Factory of Santa Claus where Santas Little Helpers are busy creating toys as presents for children. The gameplay is inspired by local coop games like overcooked, where the players work together towards a common goal but each is in the others way and there’s a lot of communication (or rather … shouting at each other) between the players. 2 – 4 players can play together at one time, using the same keyboard as input device.

The game is taking place inside Santas toy factory where the players are controlling Santas little helpers. The goal of the game is to manufacture the toys passing by on the conveyor belt without missing one before it leaves the room (Or otherwise Santa is getting really angry and taking away one of your 3 precious hearts – lose all and it’s Game Over for you!).

A toy is manufactured by typing the letters displayed above the toy – But from right to left! There’s no special order in which the currently passing by toys have to be manufactured, the players have to decide on an order, otherwise it might geht very chaotic…

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