Development & Art by Phil Gosch

LD40: Forgotten Machines

Ludum Dare 40 Jam entry by Phil Gosch (SaphireS). Made in Unity and completely open source. Will probably improve the game a bit post-jam using this repository:

Link to the LD game (incl. builds and WebGL version):


In a world, where humans are long gone, nowadays inhabited by machines, you strive for survival. As one of the last remaining autonomous mechs you have to try and collect the valuable energy sources and fight off the enemies that try to break you for their own survival!

Collecting energy sources may grant you better abilities …and more enemies coming after you! And the more you have, the worse it is!

Everything except the music is made by me in 3 days, Blender/Aseprite for graphics, Unity as game engine. Wanted to try a pixelart/3D model hybrid artstyle like this for quite some time and I’m pretty happy how it turned out. :)

Music by

Gameplay and visuals:

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