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Projects Overview

Note: This lists a selection of non-NDA projects I’ve worked on and is being updated regularly. Please send a message if the project you’re interested in is not yet linked here.

Professional & Freelance

Make You Need Me VR

COSA: Science Exhibition Software

Hawle Augmented Reality Sales App

Improved Bin-Packing Algorithm for Blenders UV EditorGoogle Summer Of Code Results

WoUndWo Sunlight Design AR App

Siemens XR Safety Project

Internorm 3D App

Hartl Haus AR App

Personal Development Projects

Vulkan Toy Renderer

Colorful Domains Python App

Bachelors Project



Event Runner Energie Graz

Paysafecard Pin Racer

Roots Tootsy Platformer

LD40: Forgotten Machines

Can’t see the wood for the trees





Road to hell


3D & Art

Biomech #1

Wyvern Sketchfab Animation

MagnemiteMagneton, of course.

Alien 3 Movie Scene Lowpoly

Medical/Scientific Visualization – Client: ETH Zurich

Pokeball – PBR Texturing Practice

Nuclear Throne Artwork

Halloween! #saphweekly

All posts with the tag “artwork”

Talks & Workshops

Talk and Workshop Overview

Virtual Fashion Pipeline Talk at BCON22

A Production-Proven AR Workflow Podcast

Podcast: 3D Content for AR

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