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Phil Gosch

Software Developer & Technical artist

I’m Phil Gosch, a Lead Software Developer & Technical Artist from Graz, Austria.

Currently I specialize in Computergraphics /Game Development with a healthy interest in new media like Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and AI/ML. My main areas are in software engineering, game development and tool development as well as next-gen realtime visualization, illustration and animation.

I’m a rendering guy with extensive experience in creating art and developing software. This enables me to work in interdisziplinary areas which touch or connect these skillsets.

Recently I’ve been working on custom C++ cross-platform rendering engine SDKs as well as with Unity&Unreal. Responsibilities ranging from low level graphics API backend development (Vulkan, OpenGL, Diligent ect.) to high level photo realistic rendering tasks like implementing physically based shading/lighting/shadows systems, shader&material development, renderengine architecture or development of proprietary image-based rendering techniques.
Also working on user-facing tools (C#/C++/Qt/Python) for creating and editing 2D/3D content as well as scalable pipeline optimisation and integrations, custom plugins for established applications (Blender/Clo3D/Unreal/Unity/..) as well as ways to generate synthetic training data for AI/ML.

Download full CV here: CV_Gosch_2023.pdf

Project Overview (non exhaustive)

Nearly all of my free time is spent programming on side projects, creating technical artworks or learning new techniques/software.
I’m also an active contributor to the local tech scene and organize
events, gamejams or conferences in our area, most notably the
GameDev Days Graz.

I’m always interested in connecting with likeminded people for
knowledge expansion/transfer, business opportunities or a friendly
chat. Don’t hesitate to contact or connect with me! :)

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