Development & Art by Phil Gosch

Roots Tootsy Platformer

This year I again had the pleasure to lead the organisation team of the Global Game Jam Graz 2023! After all that time we could finally organise an in-person gamejam again, thanks also again to our sponsors!

Despite being pretty busy with organisational stuff I managed to take part in the jam and create a game, with the help of talented 2D artist Eva and long time game composer Stefan! I took the opportunity and decided to learn Godot, which went pretty well, I see a promising future for this open-source game engine! Now about the game:

Roots Tootsy is a 2D platformer where you play a lovely vegetable character exploring a beautiful roots dominated world while collecting resources and fighting enemies! Created in Godot using GDScript, featuring 2D platformer movement, parallax background worlds created using Godots Tilemap feature and several levels featuring items and enemies.

Credits: Phil Gosch, Stefan Putzinger, Eva Chaves Diaz

Check out the game + source code here:

Game Stills:

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