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Hey everyone, how’s it going?

I just noticed I didn’t post anything yet this month, which is something I feel very guilty about, especially since one of my serious(you know, the ones you actually plan on doing, not like the usual “eat healthy, go to the gym, be nice, …”-crap) new years resolutions was: “Update your blog more often”.

So after this was said I decided to forget about it and do actual productive stuff: I started creating a Zelda Majoras Mask artwork (any Zelda nerds like me out there?), which is nearly finished by now and will be posted soon, I did some contract work in Blender as well as installing git and figuring out how to use it to get up to date with Blender development.

I’m also thinking about live streaming 3D artwork sessions on twitch, I already saw people doing it (mostly LOL/DOTA2 artists using zBrush) and it’s really interesting to watch, I even saw a Blender livestream once. If you’re interested in this, please let me know!

I already installed the software for streaming to twitch and was pleased to find out it’s also usable to record to file, so I recorded the whole creation process of the zelda artwork I mentioned above, expect the video to go online soon! :D
The software is open source by the way, it can capture your screen and also your microphone or webcam, which makes it ideal for recording video tutorials! It’s called Open Broadcaster Software and you can find it here:

Oh and on a completely other note: I started uploading my artwork to deviantart and I’m way more active there now, so if you happen to be there too, visit my gallerie and leave some comments! :) <–My deviantart account

That’s it for now,

cheers guys! :)



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