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September, month of competitions

Hey guys!

Usually I won’t post about running competitions or similar, since there’re lots of news sites dedicated to this task, but this month is unusally busy with contests and competitions so I thought it’s worth mentioning. Maybe you didn’t know about and want to patricipate in one or more of the following competitions:

Ancient Civilisation by Blenderguru


This contest, hosted by the famous site is all about ancient civilisations and everything related you can think of, as long as you don’t fall too much into the fantasy-genre. Attention: This contest ends in one week on september the 9.! But one week may be enough to create something great for this challenge ;)

Then there’s the Create a robot contest, hosted by As you’ve guessed, this contest has the aim to create one hell of a robot, but it’s specificially mentioned to not only think of 500-feet war-machine-robots but maybe try to picture a cute robot? Or a very funny looking one? Whatever idea you have, the deadline is on September 30th, 11:59pm CST so there should be plenty of time left to think of something original!

Not Blender specific are the next two competitions:

3D Modeling Contest by Sketchfab & Quixel on This contest has the theme “evolution/de-evolution” with the goal to either redo game assets or characters or environments from a newer game in the style of an old one or the other way around, imagening how a character or environment from an old game would look like if realeased on one of the current next-gen devices. Final models will be uploaded to the great sketchfab (which I already mentionen once or twice) for interactive viewing and judging! Contest ends on September 22nd, 11:59PM EST.

And finally theres one for the german speaking readers: The german 3D-community is hosting a contest with the theme “A new Beginning” to celebrate it’s new homepage…which isn’t ready yet. ;) However there’re lots of great prices (in fact there’re great prices for every of the contests mentioned before) so if you have some free time until 30.  of september then give it a try!

I myself am working on something for the robots challenge right now, if I have the time I would like to also take part in the A new beginning-challenge, since I already have a idea for a picture. :)

Apart from these there’re lots of weekend-contests, speedmodeling challenges and similar if you’re looking for some competitions. If I missed some bigger ones, please let me know in the comments!

Happy blending! :)

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