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Phil Gosch, Technical artist from Graz, Austria.

Phil Gosch

My name is Phil Gosch, I’m an independent Software Developer & Technical/3D Artist from Graz, Austria.

Originally coming from hobby game development, I started using 3D software in 2006, after searching for a way to create some assets for the games I developed. After some time using 3D apps I realized I was totally into it und that I liked creating 3D art and really spent a lot of time with it. I then additionally started learning art fundamentals as well as 2D software like Photoshop. I later got back into the development/programming area when I started university. Currently I specialize in game development/computergraphics with a healthy interest in new media like Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). My main areas as a freelancer are in currentgen to next-gen gameready assets, illustration, product visualization as well as software engineering, game development and tool development.

I have experience in nearly all areas of CG, including hard-surface or organic modeling/sculpting, shading/texturing/UV-mapping, lighting/compositing and game engines like Unity5/Unreal4.

Nearly all of my free time is spent creating artworks, programming on side projects or learning new stuff/techniques and software. I’m also an active contributor to the local gamedev scene and helping organizing events, gamejams or conferences in our area as a founding member of the gamedev association GameDevGraz in my area.



Organic &
Hardsurface Modeling
Sculpting Photogrammetry  Retopology
C# C/C++ Custom Tool Development Python  GLSL/HLSL
PBR/Stylized Texturing UV Mapping Shading/Materials Lighting &
Game Design Art Direction Concept Art Rigging Animation


Teaching Experiences

  • Game Development/Blender Workshop GameJam Graz, 2012
  • 3D Virtual Worlds Summerschool University of Göttingen, 2014
  • 3D Worlds & Reconstruction Springschool University of Göttingen, 2015
  • Blender Workshop FH Hagenberg, 2015
  • 3D Worlds & Reconstruction Advanced Springschool University of Göttingen, 2016
  • Physically based rendering Workshop Blender Usergroup, 2017
  • Photogrammetry and 3D Model Optimization Workshop GDG, 2017
  • Unity Basics and Optimization Workshop, 2017
  • Internal Workshops at mostly IT companies 2018
  • Blender 101 Course at TU LV
  • Unity Basics and Advanced Concepts Workshop (2 days) at a Company in Graz 2019
  • Blender to Unity/Unreal Workflow talk at local Meetup 2019
  • Talk about AR Frameworks at GameDev Days Graz 2019
  • Workshop about Content Creation for Realtime Usage
  • Workshop CAD/Photoscan to Unity, Optimisation in Blender

  • Online Presences

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