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WoUndWo Sunlight Design AR App

I worked on this project as fulltime employee of CodeFlügel, responsibilities included project lead, primary client contact, lead developer, asset creation/animation & optimisation.

Hard Facts
Customer: Wo&Wo Sunlight Design GmbH & Co KG
Project: Augmented Reality App
Area of application: Customer app and sales support for specialist dealers

Project description

WOUNDWO offers individual sun protection solutions for inside, outside or for the terrace. Various awnings are available for patios: articulated awnings, conservatory awnings, pergola awnings, side wall awnings, free-standing awnings and large area awnings. We have implemented an augmented reality app that promotes the sale of the awnings. With this augmented reality app, users can use the awning configurator to select an awning of their choice and project it anywhere in real time.

The augmented reality app has two modes
3D View: With the 3D View, interested parties can examine all the details of the awning in detail. He can twist and turn them as he likes. He can also choose different products, categories, models, colors and sizes.
AR View: Here the interested party first determines the desired product, category, model, fabric, color and size. Users can easily project the desired awning virtually onto their terrace or any other location by marking two points. For this purpose we have developed a shadow simulator that changes or adapts depending on the GPS data and time. This gives the user a realistic idea of how the shade will fall once the awning is in place.

Would you like to try the app yourself? You can easily download it from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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