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Virtual Fashion Pipeline Talk at BCON22

I did get the opportunity to hold a talk at the Blender Conference 2022! It took place on the main stage (Theater) on 28. October at 17:30 and there’s a high quality recording available (see below) :)


Virtual fashion is undeniably on the rise, with more and more applications for digital clothing emerging every day: From presenting 3D garments in webshops to dressing ones avatar in online games, there’s a high demand for fashion companies to get their collections digitized.
At ReactiveReality we’ve developed a highly scalable solution for this, with Blender as one of its core elements! In this presentation Phil is going to talk about all the different use cases of Blender in this process.

We’ll see how a team of 3D fashion artists uses Blender, with a set of custom tools and operators within Blender. But we also created a close bridge which enables seamless interaction between Blender and our custom software.

We’ll also take a look at Blender running automated tasks like retopo or texture baking on our servers.

Finally this presentation will show how we use Blender to train artificial intelligences: We create lots of photorealistic renderings with annotations which can be used to train machine learning algorithms:

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