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Bachelor’s Project

Hi guys!

I’m currently pretty busy with finalizing and finishing my bachelors degree software project at university. I already talked about it here, basically I’m writing a program that takes custom segmented kneejoint cartilage and analyzes it’s thickness as well as visualizes it using a color gradient. Sounds pretty similar to Blenders 3D printing toolbox’ thickness analysis, however certain details and wanted functionality weren’t available in Blender which is why I wrote the software from scratch, using C++ with OpenGl and Qt.

The core functionality is there and working already, what’s left to do is just “bells and whistles”, like a proper GUI. Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot of software


As you can see in the screenshot, I exported the segmented cartilage-volume from our custom written segmentation program as an .stl surface mesh, which my program can load and perform a thickness calculation by raycasting on. For visualization I used the same color gradient that is used in Blender. My advisor agreed that I can use Blenders thickness analysis as a standard for comparison to my algorithm in my thesis.

So I hope to get this finished as soon as possible, after this I’m going to have more time for personal Blender projects again. 

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