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Teaching Blender @ Summerschool Goettingen

Hey everybody!

Yesterday I arrived in Goettingen, Germany (after a 10+ hour long train ride…) to take teach at the SummerSchool2014 of the University of Geottingen. This SummerSchool is from 17. – 30. August, so two full weeks. There are 2 different and independent strands, one is text analysis with Python and the other one is about virtual worlds, this is the one I’m part of.

During this two weeks I’ll be teaching Blender and Unity, regarding Unity I’ll only be covering the export process from Blender though. The Unity basics, and also advanced features of course, will be covered by my colleague Johanna Pirker.

Preparations and notes.

Preparations and notes.

I can’t wait for the next 2 weeks full of 3D stuff, this sounds really exciting and fun. Since our students are supposed to work on own projects during this time, making use of the stuff we’re teaching them, I can’t wait for the outcome of this SummerSchool. :)

I’ll keep you updated!

PS: Our Twitter hashtag is #dariahsummer if you want to keep up with our progress ;)

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  1. hypercrush August 27, 2014

    Have a good time in Göttingen.

    Und jetzt lern endlich richtig mit Blender umzugehen.

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