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Sketchfab Dragon

Hey guys!

I’m sure you’ve already heard of the awesomeness that is sketchfab? If not: It’s a place where you can upload and host your models for interactive viewing in any browser without additional plugins, you can even ebemd it in you own homepages (like I did already at the end of my magnemite tutorial) and best of all: It’s FREE! (Although there’s a premium membership available with advanced features like custom backgrounds or private models!)

So today I uploaded a model I did back in Blender 2.49 (remember this?). It’s a special kind of dragon, without arms (only 2 legs) called “wyvern” according to wikipedia. I did this one for a competition at our german Blender community blend.polis. (I got second place btw) Just click on it to check it out:

This is a game-ready model, utilizing a diffuse-color, normal, hardness and specular color map in sketchfab. With sketchfabs material editor you can assing maps to every material property including emit or opacity maps, which gives you the freedom to creaty nearly every material. Here you can take a look at the maps used:


Diffuse Color


Normal Map, notice the artifacts?



Hardness Map

I lost the final maps I used in the contest and only have a version with artifacts at hand right now (Which can clearly be seen at the normal map above).

However this upload and the one before were mainly tests because I’m writing a tutorial about using the Sketchfab Blender Exporter and the Sketchfab online material editor right now. It’s taking me longer than expected however, because my Lamborghini Reventon model is not yet perfect for a tutorial example and I have to change quite a few things to make it suitable for sketchfab and to really show of every aspect of it’s features.

But stay tuned! :)


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