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Siemens XR Safety Project

I worked on this project as fulltime employee of CodeFl├╝gel, responsibilities included lead developer, asset creation/animation & optimisation and setup + operator training at events among others.

Customer: Siemens AG
Project: Siemens XR security project
Implementation period: 6 months
Area of application: trade fairs
Technology: Unity app for Desktop, communicating with Unity app running on Hololens, using external hardware like a depth camera and external big screens

Goal of the project

The Siemens XR Safety project pursued the goal of fully converting/recreating an application that was already established in a company into an innovative XR project that, in addition to cost savings for Siemens AG, also represents a unique selling point at the trade fair.

project description

Among other things, Siemens AG is one of the leading technology companies in the areas of gas and electricity, intelligent infrastructure, digital industry and mobility. The core element of the project was a safety program developed by Siemens to train new employees in order to avoid serious accidents and unnecessary machine downtimes. In this context, we have translated this program into an XR application to make the safety program accessible at trade fairs and to illustrate the visitor in an innovative way.

The HoloLens wearer is part of a virtual work step and can observe the machine in operation. As soon as the observer enters the first safety area of the machine, it automatically reduces its working radius. However, the machine only stops completely when you enter the second safety zone. An outside 3D camera records the person’s GPS data and the software recognizes whether the person is in front of a hologram. If this is the case, the hologram is hidden at this point and a more realistic representation of the environment is guaranteed. The disadvantage of a HoloLens application is that external participants cannot see the experience. For this reason, we have made it our task to make an XR experience accessible to external participants as well. The result is a unique combination of HoloLens, a 3D camera and the hardware used internally by Siemens. In addition to this example, two other scenarios can be visualized with the application.

Winner e-Award 2020

On January 29, 2020 we received the e-Award in the category of training and further education for the Siemens XR project. The eAward is one of the largest IT business prizes in Austria. You can read more about this here.

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