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Review Time

Hey guys!

Since university ends in about two weeks, so I have some free time on my hands soon. Can’t wait for it, to be honest ;) Among other stuff I’ll use this time to watch some Tutorial-DVDs as well as read some books about Blender/3D graphics. Of course after that I’ll post a review about each of them for you to read!

Here are the ones I have on my list for the next time:


I already finished “Death To The Armatures” from Chris Kuhn on my Kindle (it’s great, expact a review very soon!) and im halfway trough “Blender Compositing and Rendering” from Sebastian K├Ânig as well as the “Cinema4D R14 fast>>forward” training from Helge Maus, which are both very informative so far.

So stay tuned for some reviews coming soon to a blog near you (this one). ;)

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