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Project GameJam Graz

In a few days, 1.-3. November to be precise, the Project GameJam will take place at the TU Graz! :)

This is an event, where programmers, 2D/3D-artists, sounddesigner/musicians and the like come together and try (and of course hopefully succeed) to create an entire, playable game within those three days. Read more about it here: We already have over 50 participants from all areas, so this is going to be big and we are planning to split them into smaller groups and let every group develop its own game!

To help people who were interested in participating, but had absolutely no experience in either game design, game programming or game graphics (read: Blender!) we did workshops and talks every week the past month, free for anyone to attend. The Blender workshop i did together with Dorian last weekend was also held because of the Project Game Jam.

When talking about “we” I’m mostly talking about Joerg Mueller who organizes this whole event. If you’re a Blender user you should know him as the developer of Blender’s sound library Audaspace. I hope I can team up with him to have a realistic chance of completing our game. ;)

The schedule can be found here, as well as where it’s taking place (german only): But apart from this there’re no bounds or fixed ideas already, everything from genre over platform (pc-game? android game?) to graphic style will be decided at the beginning of the first day, which bears a small risk but also a lot of fun and excitement!

I’m really looking forward to this and keep you updated as soon as it starts! :)



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