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Pokeball – PBR Texturing Practice

Update: Thanks to Sketchfab for featuring this model as StaffPick! sp

Hey everybody!

So instead of going out on saturday evening I decided to hone my modeling and texturing skills with a little practice object. Because I mostly use the Specular PBR Workflow at work it was a good opportunity to work with Metalness Workflow for once, to get a feeling for how it behaves and possible shortcomings/advantages.

After seeing this great realtime pokeball I decided to create my own version of a much used and therefore worn and scratched pokeball:


Wonder what pokemon is inside?


Total working time was 3 hours, from opening Blender to start modeling to exporting the finished maps from Quixel Suite. Programs used were Blender, Photoshop and Quixel. Also make sure to view an interactive realtime 3d version of it, using Sketchfabs new physically based rendering (PBR) mode:



Here you can see the textures used, although a few more were used as input to Quixel (object space normal map eg). From left to right and top to bottom these are:

  • ID Map
  • Albedo Map
  • Metalness Map
  • Normal Map
  • AmbientOcclusion Map
  • Roughness Map

Not the best UV-layout, but enough for a speedy like this ;)



Thanks for checking it out, cheers everybody! :)

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