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PBR Texturing – Grenade

Hey guys!

I hope you enjoyed your holidays, because I for sure did! :) While the last months were very busy with the deadlines of two big projects, I finally had some time for personal projects after christmas again. I decided to do some texturing practice, specifically for physically-based-rendering (PBR) pipelines, which is becoming a standard not only in offline (Cycles/Indigo/etc) but also in realtime rendering toolsets like Marmorset Toolbag, Unreal Engine 4 or the upcoming Unity 5.

So here’s the result:

Realtime screenshots, multiple angles

Realtime screenshots, multiple angles

Sketchfab model:

And here are the maps created:

PBR Map: Albedo, Ambient Occlusion, Glossyness, Normal, Specular

PBR Map: Albedo, Ambient Occlusion, Glossyness, Normal, Specular

Keep in mind that this was primarily a texturing exercise, so I didn’t bother to bake a normalmap to a low-poly mesh but rather only used the normalmap for detailing the high-poly version. I used the Quixel testversion to create the textures and I have to admit I really love these tools. I’m pretty sure to buy them. If only it didn’t crash that often…

January is going to be a busy month for me, expect more posts about upcoming events soon! :)

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