Development & Art by Phil Gosch

Paysafecard Pin Racer

I worked on this project as contract worker with Rarebyte. Responsibilities included track/levels design and creation + balancing.

4-player trade show multiplayer hoverboard racing game (ESL, Gamescom, Paris Games Week)

The PIN Racer was created with the Unity Engine in about 3 months. It was a contract work for Paysafecard and it was played at their booths at Gamescom as well as other trade shows such as ESL and the Paris Games Week.

This game is an online multiplayer competitive hoverboard racing game that is played with Wii balance boards. It was specifically designed to be played at trade fairs, which means each race is only about 2 minutes long to ensure that the queued people don’t have to wait for too long before being able to play. We also added a separate spectator client which is used to show the current race with a cinematic camera setup. If no race is in progress the spectator shows a replay from the previous race to draw people to the booth.

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