Development & Art by Phil Gosch

Make You Need Me VR

I worked on this project as contract worker for PicksMagazine, responsibilities included technical project lead, main developer, asset pipeline & VR optimisation.

“Make you need me” is a virtual reality music video for the avant garde pop band “5k HD”. A rocket is transporting you with tons of electronic trash to a Dump in Space. Out of gravity you are floating through scrap like broken TVs, mobiles, toys and other electronic waste.  Like an artificial intelligence the devices come to life and play a desperate lovesong for you.

On the technical side this project was created in Unity 2021 with Blender being used for asset creation/animation/optimisation. With an target group geared towards exhibition visitors as well as for private home use it features a 3+ minute long experience synchronised with the music. Besides a fully interactive and immersible 3D environment it features 3D spatial audio connected to and coming from electronical devices which float around the user using physics simulation.

Awarded by “Artist in Residence ORF”, “Pixel, Bytes und Film” and the “Content Award Vienna”, the VR experience celebrated its premiere as part of “Innovation Bridge Europe” at “SXSW2022”.

Making of “Make you need me”

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