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Hawle Augmented Reality Sales App

I worked on this project as fulltime employee of CodeFl├╝gel, responsibilities included project lead, primary client contact, lead developer, asset creation/animation & optimisation.

Hard Facts
Customer: Hawle Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H
Project: Augmented Reality App
Area of application: Sales app and customer app

project description

An AR app was developed for Hawle to support sales. With the app, Hawle products can be visualized in an intuitive 3D mode. Individual product sequences and features are presented using dynamic animations. Explosion animations of the individual segments also illustrate the inner workings of the products. If necessary, the user can project the individual elements into reality using AR in order to see the products in the right context. After opening the app for the first time, a tutorial video starts so that even untrained users can get a quick overview of how the app works.

In addition to the high-quality 3D animations, descriptions of the individual sequences are also displayed for the user. Individual sequences can be viewed independently from the desired perspective. As a result, users become an active part of the product presentation.

Created using Unity for several platforms, mainly Android & iOS. One of the main challenges was the content, which meant creating optimized realtime assets (for mobile devices) from gigabytes of CAD data and animating it according to prerendered product videos. To keep app size down to appstore requirements a custom backend system was utilised which loads content assetpacks from a custom database on demand. Available in 11 languages.

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