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Halloween Girl 3D Print

Hey everybody!

So recently I got mail from Shapeways, telling me that I still have a product in my shopping cart. Wondering what this could be I took a look and discovered that it was the model I uploaded for the CGCookie 3D Printing Contest way back at halloween last year. While I unfortunately didn’t place among the Top 3, I still created a somewhat decent model (as usually with contests, I started 3 days before the deadline…), which even passed all of the Shapeway test cases for being 3D printed! So with all the passed automated mesh-tests and a price tag of merely ~19ā‚¬ I would’ve been really stupid not to place an order. And I have to admit, I’m really happy with how this turned out:



Multiple angles of my halloween angel (or rather: witch) (Click for higher resolution)


The Mesh and the 3D print (Click for higher resolution)

This littleĀ figurine is now siting on my desk right in front of my screens and looking fabulous :D
The material used was “White Strong & Flexible Polished Plastic” and has (besides a great look) a very polished (hence the name) feel to it. There aren’t any steps visible from the 3D printing process, except at non exposed places like the underside of the hat or the inside of the pumpkin.


A few views of the 3D model + wire for those interested (I bet that’s everybody ;)



Look at that artsy fisheye perspective



So after all this was a good exercise in doing modeling for 3d print and I even got to keep the result for myself! Awesome :)

Now go and create!


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