Development & Art by Phil Gosch

Can’t see the wood for the trees

This is a game developed during the 2019 HüttenJam!

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Help the gnome with getting back his clothes but without exposing his private parts…

Navigate the gnome using the arrow keys or WASD-keys and try to get to his pile of clothes without exposing his private parts – Or you’ll be busted for Indecent Exposure!

Created during Hüttenjam 2019, all development and assets including audio done during this period.

Project Team:

Phil Gosch
Johanna Pirker
Erin List
Johannes Salvenmoser
Stefan Putzinger

Technologies used: Unity 2019.3, Photoshop, Krita, Github, Sourcetree, Discord (thanks for blocking our assets)

Alternative WebGL build available at:

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